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Top 5 reasons why good design is good business


Any consumer or client would prefer to buy products and services from a professional company. By making investments to get a professional design for your business, you can make a better impact on the image of your company, and get potential leads. The look and feel of your website can send a powerful message to your customers and help them believe in your products and services. We have prepared a list of five reasons that will help you understand why good design is good business.

1. Friendly design communicates effectively:

To ensure conversions effectively, you need to deliver the purpose of your website well within the first 30 seconds. If you are unable to make an impact on your potential customer, you are more likely to lose them to your competitors. You need to make the design simple to use, and it should be able to convey the message you want the visitor to get. By options for good design, you will manage to get a better conversation rate from your visitors.

Many researchers have found in their study that people tend to lean towards having a better user experience. So, if your competitor is focusing on user-friendly design, then you can lose potential customers despite providing better quality services.

2. Good design is an excellent first impression:

Studies have found that most people make a first impression within a few seconds of browsing the web design. You can enhance the experience by avoiding unnecessary pop-ups and annoying advertisements. To build a positive image of your brand, you need to think thoroughly about the design. For most businesses, the first impression is responsible for boosting sales beyond expectations.

The smallest details of your design, right from the color scheme you choose, to the layout you use will speak a lot about you. So, keep an eye for the most straightforward details to make sure your consumer gets a pleasant experience. By consulting a good web design company, you can simplify the process and make a great first impression.

3. Well designed website makes your customers happy:

By ensuring a better web design for your website, you can reduce the chances of user frustration. If your customer feels stuck on your website and finds it difficult to operate, then they are less likely to recommend your services to their friends. Many times users tend to find alternatives due to lack in performance of the simplest tasks on a website.

It is not advisable to keep legit information on your website and make it available for your readers. If a task is difficult, make sure to have a simplified manual accessible to help your customers. These simple details of your web design can make it big for your website.

4. An excellent design encourages engagements:

You are more likely to get brilliant engagement statistics if you opt for a creative design on your website. It will not only help you present the content clearly but will make your readers engage with it. Having bulky paragraphs with no line spacing can result in a drop of engagements at a rate higher than you will ever expect. Most people like to read short and meaningful paragraphs instead and long and unnecessary details.

Further, you can enhance your engagements by listing the content in multiple formats. It is good to have pictures and videos embedded on your website to explain your services in a simplified way. Most people prefer to watch a short video rather than reading a whole lot of text.

5. A sleek design builds your brand image:

The design of your web page, says a lot about your brand. It is responsible for making or breaking the image of your brand. If you have an unorganized design, then you won’t be able to grab the attention of your potential customers and lose them to your competitors. For instance, a cheap-looking logo can put a question mark on the professionalism of your company.

By optimizing your website in a smooth technical layout, you can make your business more appealing to your customers. By ensuring regular improvements and focusing on minute details, you can have a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


Good looking and thoroughly thought designs are incredibly critical in broadcasting the spirit of businesses. You can simplify this process by hiring a good web design company. By opting for external services, you can keep your focus towards the other important aspects of your business.


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The importance of SEO and SEO websites

Here’s why you need one!


We are sure that you have come across terms like “SEO friendly website”, after all, it’s on our site! However, it is often neglected by businesses, and it harms their growth. So, how does an SEO friendly website help a business grow? This article will help you understand the importance of having an SEO ready website.

What is an SEO ready website?
A website with a simplified structure, unique styling, with informative and exclusive content along with a user-friendly and responsive interface is SEO ready. Some essential features are listed below

1. Unique titles with meta description:
A short title of 60-70 characters and a meta description of 150 characters is optimum. It should clearly define what the web page is all about.

2. Good formatting:
Formatting is proper if URLs are descriptive. Write lowercase letters with words separated by dashes.

3. Website structure:
Your website should follow an appropriate arrangement of structure with elements like header, navigation, body, and footer.

4. Page loading speed:
Neither the visitors of your website nor the search engines prefer a slow loading website.

5. Unique content:
Search engines penalize plagiarism. If the same information is found elsewhere, it can not be considered useful.

6. Optimized images:
Images make your content more interesting, but don’t forget to optimize it with an ALT text and meaningful caption.

At Axiom Web Designs, we provide innovative solutions that help you replicate all of these features. Our team at Axiom Web Designs possesses years of experience in developing SEO-friendly websites.


Why does your business need an SEO friendly website?


The reason why a lot of businesses have started optimizing their websites is the vast range of benefits it delivers. Although there are a lot of reasons, the most important ones that you need to know are listed below.

1. Organic reach (search engine traffic):
An SEO friendly website ranks higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). Most people who put their queries on search engines tend to click on the first five organic results. It will help you drive traffic that is relevant to your website, thereby increasing your sales.

2. Page responsiveness:
Every day new devices with different screen sizes hit the market. You need to build your website that is responsive to the screen size and can adjust according to your visitor. It will boost user experience and sales exponentially.

3. Cost-effective targeting:
Through SEO, you can save a lot on advertising. Your SEO will help you get 24/7 organic traffic that can boost your sales.

4. Make the website user-friendly:
Through SEO, your website becomes suitable for navigation by all types of users, making it more appealing for the visitors.

5. Gives credibility to your brand:
SEO ready components on a website showcase professionalism, and help you build trust among your customers.

6. Understanding customer demands:
SEO enables you to know how your customers visit your website, and what they like more. It will help you adjust your website features to meet your customer requirements.

As you realize the importance of an optimized website and struggle with making it happen, contact us! Our experienced designers are pro’s at incorporating SEO-ready components with on-page search engine optimization to increase your Google rankings.


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Responsive Design


How does responsive web design work?


It is not a secret that more and more people are connecting to the internet each day. Everyone has a preference for accessing the internet and all the devices are different shapes and sizes.

Today, having a responsive web design is essential. Brands that have website design that adjust according to the screen size generate more leads than competitors.

By ensuring that your device is compatible with different browsers on mobile phones and desktop computers, you can assure a better experience to your visitor.

But what is responsive website design? How can you make your website responsive? Why should you switch? This article will answer all the questions you have and help you understand the necessity.


What is a website with responsive design?


The term “responsive website” refers to a device friendly feature of a website, that allows better user experience by displaying the content according to the screen shape and size. It includes mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

It is an essential part of web development that makes sure all visitors to your website have a better experience. It is a critical element to boost sales and growth of a business. Moreover, you save money by developing a single website that works on all devices.


Why is it essential to have a responsive design website?


The biggest reason to have a responsive web design is that not having it can hinder the growth of your business. However, there are a lot of benefits. The following 3 points explain some of the benefits.

  • Reach more people:

Google penalizes websites that do not feature responsive designs. As stated earlier people access websites on many different devices and Google wants all searchers to have a good experience with true trusted websites. If your website does not meet Google’s requirements, Google will rank your competitors higher because they offer a better experience.

  • Reduce bouncing rates:

By providing a user-friendly design, you can compel your visitors to stay on your website for up to 70% longer. If your site does not make your visitor happy, as soon as they land on it, they will move on in search of that better experience.

By providing the quick responsive display to your users, you can stop them from jumping off your website. It will, in turn, improve your website SEO.

  •  Build trust through branding:

Your user won’t recommend your business to others if your website does not provide them with a pleasant experience. By having a customer-friendly responsive design, you can assure that your customer enjoys the time they spend on your site.

By having a well designed responsive website, your brand appears trusted to your customers, and it will help you boost sales as online shoppers prefer a well-developed website to shop.


Having a website with responsive design can build your brand image and help you boost sales significantly. We build all websites with responsive design giving our clients all the tools they need to build their business.  Still Have questions, contact us! We are here to help!